Welcome to the  website of Loftus Digital Village

This site is for anyone who is interested in, or searching for, information relating to Loftus Parish.  It aims to provide not only a pictorial but also an editorial history and present-day representation of the local area with links to other local and family history sites.

Loftus Parish covers: Carlin How, Cowbar, Easington, Handale, Hummersea, Liverton, Liverton Mines, Loftus, Scaling Dam, Skinningrove and Upton

The group running this site is based at Loftus Neighbourhood Library and would ask that any photographs, newspaper articles, etc. that individuals or groups would like to donate or loan for copying be taken into the library during normal working hours. Items will be scanned and either kept at the library or returned to the individual or group.  We ask that when you leave your items you sign a licence release for our records.

We reserve the right to edit or delete comments as appropriate, in keeping with good taste.

Historical information will be researched from a number of sources and credit will be given where appropriate.

We can be contacted at Rodders email